EFLOMBR Membrane Bioreactor

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EFLOMBR is a high rate biological wastewater treatment process. The Corodex EFLOMBR is designed with special submerged flat sheet or hollow fiber membranes, with pore size of 0.2μm. The membranes are made of materials that enhance performance in the presence of greases. EFLOMBR achieves a TSS removal of up to 99.7%.
Typical applications for EFLOMBR include municipal and domestic sewage treatment, mobile or temporary sewage treatment, industrial wastewater biological treatment, and grey water treatment. The system can be installed above or below ground, or it can be mobile if it is skid mounted for temporary/ emergency use.

Corodex also provides the required ancillary upstream and downstream equipment for the EFLOMBR. Upstream equipment include grit removal, inlet sewage pumping, flow control and inlet fine screening. Downstream equipment include disinfection systems (UV or chlorine dosing), irrigation/water storage, pumped distribution and further treatment that allows direct water reuse.