Disposing of liquid sludge can often be a costly matter and not in line with public authorities' regulations; this is why a sludge dewatering system is a green and feasible option. By dehydrating the semi-solid byproduct, the weight and volume of the sludge are reduced, delivering major cost savings and solving logistic and environmental issues.

EFLO International Ltd, UK, is one of the leading wastewater treatment plant manufacturers in Europe and the Middle East, offering proven and robust technologies for the treatment of sludge produced by wastewater treatment systems from both domestic and industrial sources. Under the EFLO brand, Corodex offers a variety of sludge dewatering systems, EFLOSLUDGE-DRY, that range in processing capability from 1,000 - 180,000 l/d. These incorporate the following technologies, which would be coupled to a polymer dosing system:

  • EFLO Sludge Dewatering Centrifuge
  • EFLO Sludge Dewatering Filter Press
  • EFLO Sludge Dewatering Belt Press


  • Can be provided in containerized option, thus offering a small footprint
  • Up to 25 % dry solids content
  • Low energy consumption
  • No blocking
  • Backwash by TSE water
  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Equipped with odor control unit when desired
  • Automatic or semiautomatic control