Operation and Maintenance Services

Corodex Industries, provides operation and maintenance services for an extensive range of water and wastewater treatment systems such as MBR, SBR, FBBR and MBBR plants, industrial WWTPs, SWRO and BWRO plants, TSE polishing plants, odor control units, sludge treatment systems, sewage/TSE pumping stations and utility networks using highly specialized and experienced technicians.

Corodex operation and maintenance services encompass the following:

  • 24/7 control, operation and maintenance of networks and treatment systems
  • Identifying and reporting any abnormal conditions by continuously inspecting and monitoring the equipment process parameters and efficiencies related to overall infrastructure performance, and providing monthly and annual system performance related reports
  • Preparing planned preventive maintenance schedules, methods and procedures and implementing health and safety action plans
  • Supply of chemicals, consumables, spare parts, portable instruments and special tools for operation and maintenance
  • Performing regular cleaning including periodical removal & transportation of sludge, foreign debris, screenings and other waste products for disposal in accordance with the local standard regulations
  • Carrying out necessary laboratory analyses to monitor the influent characteristics and support management of the effluent parameters
  • Performing O&M services for HVAC and firefighting systems, and responding to emergency calls related to both